NOT HERE Presents:  The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking

November 12 & 13, 2015

The Countdown: 82 Days Remaining

August 4th began our 100 day countdown leading up to The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking in Maine. Over these 100 days, we will be sharing a fact, a resource, or a perspective each day, to raise awareness, encourage discussion, and inspire action against injustice, both domestically, and globally.

Today’s Featured Perspective: Know the Signs

Human trafficking is a community problem. It will take a community to stop it.  Each and every person has a role, and ALL are important. That means YOU too. Have you ever witnessed a situation or overheard a conversation that just didn’t “feel right” to you? Would you be able to recognize the signs that someone may be being trafficked?  Would you know what to do next?


Do YOU want to KNOW more?  

Check out these resources for more information, and PLEASE share them with your friends. Too often victims of human trafficking are hiding in plain sight.  We ALL have a part in ending human trafficking.


Learn how to recognize the signs that someone may be being trafficked:

The Blue Campaign: Indicators of Human Trafficking



Learn what to do (and what NOT to do!) next:

The Blue Campaign: Identifying Victims & Reporting Tips


Be a part of the movement that declares Not Here!  

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Looking for more information on The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking?
Stay tuned! Registration information for the Summit will be coming VERY soon!