NOT HERE Presents:  The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking

November 12 & 13, 2015

The Countdown: 85 Days Remaining


August 4th began our 100 day countdown leading up to The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking in Maine. Over these 100 days, we will be sharing a fact, a resource, or a perspective each day, to raise awareness, encourage discussion, and inspire action against injustice, both domestically, and globally.


Today’s Featured Focus: Safe Harbor Laws

State safe harbor laws address how children exploited for commercial sex are treated under the law.  Under federal law, children under eighteen years of age provoked to provide commercial sex are victims of trafficking. So why are separate safe harbor laws needed? Polaris explains:

“State laws criminalize adults that have sex with children under statutory rape laws, however these laws were not applied in cases where the adult purchased sex. The result was children, recognized under both state and federal law as victims of a crime, were arrested and convicted of prostitution. Safe harbor laws are intended to address the inconsistent treatment of children, raise awareness about children that have been commercially sexually exploited, and ensure that these victims were provided with services rather than a criminal conviction.”¹



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