NOT HERE Presents:  The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking

November 12 & 13, 2015


The Countdown: 99 days remaining


Yesterday began our 100 day countdown leading up to The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking in Maine. Over these 100 days, we will be sharing a fact, a resource, or a perspective each day, to raise awareness, encourage discussion, and inspire action against this injustice, both domestically, and globally.



July 22, 2015 marked the five year anniversary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Blue Campaign.  Over the past five years, the Blue Campaign has been the unified voice to highlight the department’s collective hard work towards the goal of ending human trafficking in the United States. Bringing together a wide range of expertise and resources, DHS strives to not only bring traffickers to justice, but also to protect victims from further exploitation and abuse. Several resources and training tools are available free, online, for those seeking additional information.



Check out The DHS Blue Campaign’s Human Trafficking Awareness Training Tools:


Links For Individuals: 


For First Responders:


For Educators, School Administrators, and Professionals in Academia:

  • Download the Human Trafficking 101 Fact Sheet for School Administrators and Staff and share it with your colleagues. 
  • An additional note: If you are a parent, grandparent, or just have children in your life you love, we encourage you to share this document with educational professionals in the child’s life as well. Start the discussion. If they have questions, feel free to direct them to us (email and we will be happy to connect them with qualified professionals in our network who would be happy to arrange a training for educators. Better yet, encourage them to attend the 2015 Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking, where they will have the opportunity to meet these exceptional professionals. 


Please share what you learn with your friends and colleagues.

Encourage them to also get involved.  Start discussions. Learn more. 


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We will keep sharing resources, facts, and ways to get involved, including information on registering for the upcoming Governor’s Summit in the days and weeks to come. If you represent an organization doing excellent work to combat trafficking, and you have specific resources to share, we encourage you to email us privately at to have your resources considered for a future posting!

Be a part of the movement that declares Not Here!  

YOUR voice matters.


Looking for more information on The Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking?

Stay tuned! Registration information for the Summit will be coming soon!