Our work is built upon core values that guide us in making decisions about how we use our time, energy and resources.  We hope that these core values give you greater insight into our organization and work, both domestically and abroad.


  • We believe that all people are equal members of society who deserve the right to have health, wellness, safety, opportunity and freedom from oppression and injustice.
  • We believe that we must focus on targeted impact strategies for victims and the vulnerable who are at greatest risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation and coercion.
  • We believe that we need to confront issues with a passion for justice, a heart of mercy and footsteps of humility.
  • We believe that encouraging passionate local leaders who know their community and culture best is the most effective way to address localized challenges and maintain a long-term presence on both domestic and international projects.
  • We believe in developing self-sustaining models of care that have long-term impact and empower local leaders to thrive in their own communities.
  • We believe in engaging communities to be part of their solutions.  Engaging broad community activism is needed to address greater issues of injustice that impact victimization and the vulnerable.

We believe in supporting programs that provide holistic care in health, education and life skills.