Not Here Justice in Action Network is a grassroots effort focused on identifying a network of key stakeholders to address the threat human trafficking and exploitation, child abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality.  We are especially concerned about the impact on vulnerable children globally and domestically.  We believe that these issues are intertwined and disproportionately impact young girls.


Our developmental model is focused on collaboration and facilitation around common goals that address the needs of the vulnerable and the victimized.  We envisioned a network of very different people and organizations uniting around this purpose.  We find our individual purposes enriched by the collaborative effort of putting victims foremost in our efforts while valuing the impact that others have in the larger effort.


Our key stakeholders are law enforcement, social service agencies, healthcare providers, educators, business leaders and faith based organizations.  Our hope is that these key contributors will rally around vulnerable communities and their members to create a culture of resistance to exploitative and abusive practices.  We believe that community engagement is the key to overcoming injustice and oppression.


This model recognizes the important role that we all play in caring for each other.  It places a special responsibility on those whose professions and positions are allowed into the lives of the vulnerable and victimized during everyday life.  Victimization and vulnerability carry a heavy burden. We are mindful of those moments, when our paths cross those of the victimized and vulnerable, and we have an opportunity to profoundly impact the direction of their lives.


This network aims to bring together elements within communities, those critical populations that have the opportunity to impact the vulnerable and victimized.  It recognizes that in the story of our lives, we pass each other along the road.  We pass those who are vulnerable  and those who are victimized. We also pass those who have the capacity to influence the direction of the paths for the victimized and vulnerable. At that intersection, where all these paths join, is hope. For it is here where we collect as a community, and have the opportunity to make the greatest impact and take a stand against injustice.

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