Running a business is a tough job.  We recognize the challenges inherent in managing people, products and position.  We also recognize that these same skills have incredible potential to impact society.  Business leaders can impact social change in many ways.  Mobilizing workforces, educating staff on issues of victimization and vulnerability or using brand identity to stand against injustice and oppression.


We understand that many view business leaders as a source of funding or support.  As a grassroots organization mainly run by volunteers, it is our hope to engage business leaders for their talents and skills.  Problem solving, mobilizing people and leading community are as important to impacting those struggling with victimization and vulnerability.

Let your business be one that stands for those who struggle.  

“Attending the Not Here conferences helps to reinvigorate my daily efforts to educate my customers about the atrocities of slavery and the abolition through individual action.   When we focus on our humanity in all that we do (even shopping), it is then that we will change the world.  Not Here encourages a collaboration which is imperative in this battle against evil.”

~Karen Burnell, Owner/Operator of Karma Fair Trade

Buying fair trade products ensures an income for vulnerable people in developing countries involved in the manufacturing of products, encourages environmental sustainable, supports safe working conditions, and fosters respect of all cultures. Now, when you shop at Karma Fair Trade, your purchasing power goes further. When you shop online, type “Not Here” in the comments box, or mention “Not Here” when shopping in the store, you will receive a 5.5% discount and Not Here will receive a 5% donation.