Not Here Justice in Action Network is about creating partnerships. We encourage collaboration and facilitation of ideas, sharing resources and combining efforts that ultimately impact the at risk child or the survivor whose childhood had been devastated by exploitation.


Vulnerability and Victimization live within communities. We can make every attempt to address these with supporting structures, but ultimately there must be an effort within the community to confront the struggle. We must support the community itself.


It is the living and breathing rhythm of the community that will ultimately have the biggest impact on the vulnerable. A community that values the worth of its members and is supported to advocate for its vulnerable is our only hope to confront these issues of injustice, both domestically and internationally.


We encourage our network to engage local community members in their efforts to address the victimized and vulnerable.

“In short, Not Here has equipped me, a community member, to fight modern day slavery in very practical ways from right here in my hometown. Human Trafficking. The words send chills through us. It’s on the television, in newspaper and magazine articles, and we hear about it on the radio. Modern day slavery is ugly and people want to know what they can do to help stop it. For me, Not Here has been the organization where I have learned how I personally can actively engage in justice issues. It has allowed me to connect with passionate abolitionists and to hear from the experts in the field who are on the front lines of combating these issues.

By networking with these people and applying what I have learned, I see the very real impact I can have by sharing my knowledge and volunteer experiences with people I meet who want to join the fight against this evil. Sometimes it is as simple as giving a DVD, a book, or a newspaper article relevant to trafficking to an interested individual. Other times it’s applying my purchasing power by buying fair trade items such as tea, coffee, and chocolate at the supermarket, and handmade gifts and clothing at fair trade retail stores. By purchasing fair trade, I know farmers, crafters, and harvesters are being paid fairly and treated with dignity.”

~ Mike Seguin

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead


Community is critical for both preventing and eradicating human trafficking. Are you looking for ways to get involved? Host an awareness event, organize a fund raiser for aftercare in Maine, and talk to everyone you know about human trafficking. Buy ethically and responsibly produced goods. Be willing to stand in the gap for a vulnerable young person. You literally can save a life. We can only solve community level problems when we come together as a community. We need your help.

Do you have skills, talents, and time to donate? Become a volunteer.

Do you have financial resources to donate? Become an individual donor or a corporate sponsor, and help fund hope.