The Not Here Justice in Action Network needs your help growing our following of dedicated individuals interested in being a part of the movement to end human trafficking.


We invite you to not just join the movement committed to eradicate human trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable populations, but to invite your friends and followers to become part of this network as well.


Whether you work in a law office or an elementary school office, in a hospital emergency room or in law enforcement, run your own business, lead a church, or run your household, your talents, your resources, and your time are needed. How can you help build the network?  In addition to volunteering your time and talents, you can join our awareness campaign and invite others to take action against injustice.


Our name, “Not Here,” is also a phrase we often hear in two very different contexts as we work to raise awareness about human trafficking. In sharing the reality that human trafficking happens right here in our communities in Maine, we have often heard from people “No, not here… that couldn’t possibly happen here in Maine.”  


Perhaps you have heard this yourself when talking about human trafficking where you live?


When we hear this, our goal is then to educate and create an audience that declares:

“NO!  NOT HERE!  I will not sit idly by in silence while human trafficking destroys lives in my community! I will do something to put an end to trafficking in my community, in my country, and across the globe!”  


This second context, the declaration of committed individuals to take decisive action, is our goal. We realize this is a lofty goal, but we have faith that united, we can do this together. We can watch over the vulnerable and help to prevent them from being exploited. We can provide support to those on the front lines of the battle as they work to rescue victims caught in modern day slavery. We can build sustainable systems and aftercare programs capable of bringing healing and hope to victims. We can be a part of changing lives and freeing captives. We can take action against injustice.


Declare “Not Here!” and take a stand for justice. Help us raise awareness about human trafficking within your community and within your social networks by saying “No, human trafficking will not happen here!”   Not sure how to get started? We’ve made it easy for you.


Download the appropriate “Not Here” map pin icon (shown below) for the people group with whom you most closely identify. Upload it to your social media page(s) and include it in your email signatures. Hyperlink the icon back to so people in your networks can easily visit our website to learn more about human trafficking just by clicking on the link! Once you do this, make a post or tweet encouraging your contacts to learn more about the realities of human trafficking.

Want to do even more?  We invite you to make a donation today.

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